About me

Hello, my name is Daniel Breslan. I am an Electrical Power Engineer from the North West of England. I works in the Rail Industry as an EMC and Power Rolling Stock Consultant.

I am a technology enthusiast and avidly follow the evolution of consumer technology, primarily centring around Apple and related companies. I love podcasts; I listen to many shows each week. My favourite shows include ATP, Connected, Analog(ue), Upgrade, and The Talk Show with John Gruber. I enjoy playing Nintendo switch too.

In my spare time, I love spending time with my wife and son. I am also a fitness enthusiast and I am a member of the CrossFit Linchpin private track. I am an Everton fan and I enjoy Formula 1!

I love programming, particularly in MATLAB and in my spare time, I also moderate a MATLAB discord channel. I have attempted Advent of Code for the past 4 years, my solutions (in MATLAB) can be seen here.

I also enjoy music and musical theatre.

Want to hire me, as a Power Engineer or iOS Developer?