Fitness Room, Gym Review: Park International Hotel, Kensington, London

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In this series, I will review gyms in Hotels that I have stayed in around the UK. I am writing this series as it is very hard to know what a hotel means by a fitness room when booking. I have often arrived at a hotel with a gym to find a tiny room with a treadmill and 3 mismatched dumbbells. The ratings are based on what I’d expect from a hotel gym. I mainly do strength training in a gym. As I prefer to do aerobic work outside, this may slightly bias the ratings. […]

watchOS 4 on Series 0

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Over 880 days ago on 24th April 2015, I received my original Apple Watch (recently dubbed Series 0), I have worn it every day since. I use it mainly for fitness and media playback control, but nothing else. The main reason is that my Apple Watch was too slow to use any apps and even the ones that I do use had some performances issues, e.g. the timer in the workout app struggling to display smoothly on screen. Performance watchOS 4 has been a huge improvement – performance seem so much better, apps launch quicker, the interface is […]

The Shelf is now available on App Store

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In August, I announced The Shelf, which allows you to import, via drop or copy, many kinds of data into it to hold until it is needed later. Check out the original article for full details and a demonstration of The Shelf. It is now available to download on App Store. New Features During beta testing, I received many requests for PDF support, I was able to add this in time for release. Pricing During App Review, I was told by Apple repeatedly that The Shelf was an unacceptable app type for Auto-Renewing Subscriptions. As a result, I have […]

The iPhone Pro Won’t Be Great for Video

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The rumours for the as of yet unannounced iPhone Edition / Pro seem to suggest that it will feature a 5.8″ 2800 x 1242px screen. Using a bit of trigonometry, widescreen videos on this unannounced iPhone Edition / Pro will only be 104% the size of the regular iPhone 7, whereas the 5.5″ screen on the current iPhone 7 plus displays a video  137% the size of the regular iPhone 7. This can be seen graphically below. This may be a huge issue for me, as I use my iPhone 7 plus a lot to watch YouTube. […]

Introducing The Shelf

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Before Apple’s annual developer conference this year, WWDC 2017, Federico Viticci and Sam Beckett created a piece on MacStories titled iOS 11 : iPad Wishes and Concept Video. This included a concept they called Shelf for iPad in iOS 11. The whole premise of the shelf was centred around system wide drag and drop to “serves as a holding place for bits of content without an immediate destination”. In June, Apple held WWDC and did indeed announce APIs and support for system wide drag and drop in iOS 11 on iPad. Unfortunately, Shelf as envisaged by Federico and Sam was not […]

Sort & Filter Pack

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Reaching this goal will produce enough income for me to spend the time to add the following features to The Shelf as part of the Sort & Filter Pack: Search Items Add a search bar to The Shelf to search for items Sort & filter Items Sort and Filter by keyword, type, date added, flag, etc. Folders Home screen style folders to group multiple items in one folder Flagging Flag important items to help with sorting and filtering Option to put flagged items at the top Multiple Shelves Add multiple shelfs to segregate and store your data, […]

Power User Pack

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Reaching this goal will produce enough income for me to spend the time to add the following features to The Shelf as part of the Power User Pack: Keyboard Support Add the ability to navigate The Shelf using your keyboard Add the ability to view items on The Shelf using your keyboard Keyboard Shortcuts Add the ability to copy items to the clipboard from The Shelf using your keyboard Have any other ideas? Let me know. URL Scheme Support Allow items to be imported and exported from a URL scheme to allow automation Once the goal is reached, this will […]