Data Transfer Pack

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Reaching this goal will produce enough income for me to spend the time to add the following features to The Shelf as part of the Data Transfer Pack: Share Extension Implement a way to share from anywhere in iOS into The Shelf Add to The Shelf directly for any app that supports sharing Widget Widget to allow another place to drag to and drop from. Syncing Sync the data to iCloud so that you can share the same shelf across all your iOS devices This will require space in your iCloud storage Import from Files Implement a […]

What is a data type?

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Overview A data type is a whole series of logic and assets in The Shelf that determines how a piece of data is imported, stored, displayed, and exported. As an example, the Image data type: imports the image data Checks if there is a URL of the image available too Stores the image in an appropriate manner Displays the image in the cell with the orange photos style badge on it Allows the image to be previewed Enables the image and available URL to be exported. How it works? When something is dropped into The […]

What is a theme?

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The current theme of The Shelf is the icon style with badges over the top right corner and the orange tinting. I have many more ideas for layouts to allow users to customise the appearance of The Shelf. For example, full width, short cells, or big square cells with the titles within the cells, etc. I also plan to add different tint colours that will propagate across the whole UI, as the orange tint does today. I also plan to have a dynamic icon that will represent that current theme and tint colour, as the initial icon does matching […]

Workflow at Apple and SiriKit

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Last week, Apple bought workflow. I have listened to many podcasts on the topic this week, there seems to be an option that was overlooked – the potential of SiriKit integration. With iOS 10, Apple introduced SiriKit which allowed interactions with apps without presenting their own UI. The user can use Siri’s voice assistant to speak their intent request, which can then be handled by the app. The intents that could be handled in iOS 10 is very limited. However, I assume over time this will be opened up to allow all apps and any tasks to be […]