Sort & Filter Pack

Reaching this goal will produce enough income for me to spend the time to add the following features to The Shelf as part of the Sort & Filter Pack:

  • Search Items
    • Add a search bar to The Shelf to search for items
  • Sort & filter Items
    • Sort and Filter by keyword, type, date added, flag, etc.
  • Folders
    • Home screen style folders to group multiple items in one folder
  • Flagging
    • Flag important items to help with sorting and filtering
    • Option to put flagged items at the top
  • Multiple Shelves
    • Add multiple shelfs to segregate and store your data, if needed.

Once the goal is reached, this will take approximately 3 months to add to The Shelf. I also cannot guarantee that all features will be added, as the feasibility of each has not been fully defined.

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