Data Transfer Pack

Reaching this goal will produce enough income for me to spend the time to add the following features to The Shelf as part of the Data Transfer Pack:

  • Share Extension1
    • Implement a way to share from anywhere in iOS into The Shelf
    • Add to The Shelf directly for any app that supports sharing
  • Widget
    • Widget to allow another place to drag to and drop from.
  • Syncing
    • Sync the data to iCloud so that you can share the same shelf across all your iOS devices
    • This will require space in your iCloud storage
  • Import from Files
    • Implement a way to import files from the new iOS 11 Files picker from inside The Shelf

Once the goal is reached, this will take approximately 3 months to add to The Shelf. I also cannot guarantee that all features will be added, as the feasibility of each has not been fully defined.

  1. I may add this immediately, as I really want this feature

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